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Sealpac EasyPeelPoint

Effortless opening of sealed trays. Easy-to-grip peel corner. Integrated security against tray rotation feasible on all common Sealpac traysealers and toolings.


Sealpac’s EasyPeelPoint system ensures that sealed trays and thermoformer packs can now be opened without effort. With this revolutionary opening-aid, the peel corner is moved within the contours of the pack. This is how it works: the top film of the pack is pressed into a round cavity and is thus released from the sealing edge. As counterforce can be dosed accurately, the peel function is activated to perfection. The EasyPeelPoint system convinces due to its self-explanatory function with natural feel: the peel corner can easily be gripped, after which the top film is removed from the pack with minimum effort. It is also feasible with reclosable films.


  • Simplified opening of sealed trays and thermoformer packs

  • Self-explanatory system with natural feel

  • Easy-to-grip peel corner for effortless removal of top film

  • Standard tray and pack sizes remain untouched

  • High-performance packaging process

  • Does not intervene with the existing logistical chain

  • Available on all common SEALPAC traysealers and thermoformers

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