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Sealpac EasyLid

Efficient packaging system – an innovative combination of top film and sealing.

Less is more: Saves processing time, reduces costs, and increases profits.

Less material more profits to the bottom line: EasyLid® combines hermetically closing seal and lid in one single step for maximum efficiency in the packaging process.

By means of an innovative sealing technology the top film is sealed hermetically to the specific band in the patented EasyLid® tray. The trick: upon opening the pack a re-closable lid is automatically created, which enables consumer-friendly storage of the packaged product.

  • Low investment: No lidding system is necessary as this unique technology combines the top film and sealing in one single operation.

  • Saves time and storage place: Combined top film and seal in just one step.

  • Cost efficiency: Savings in packaging material and weight and reduction in transport and storage costs.

  • Improved image: Increased sustainability as a true selling point.

Whether it comes to delicacies, ready meals, snacks or bakery products -– EasyLid® provides extraordinary machinability in all SEALPAC A traysealers. It is suitable for both hot and cold contents and for packaging a wide range of food in modified atmosphere.

Meat & poultry Dairy Fruit & vegetables Nutrition, stimulants & sweets