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Nemco's mission

We secure optimal solutions for our customers with respect to machinery, technical equipment and packaging, always combined with service in a league of its own.

We focus on the customers' competitive positions – as well as the consumer's requirements and preferences. Our goal is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.

The perfect process
Our passion is the creation of perfect processes. We combine quality with flexibility and innovation for the purposes of obtaining optimal results – via high quality in all product elements and in every element of the process.

Our solutions are based on half a century's experience combined with the most novel and advanced technologies plus a close collaboration with partners and customers.

Commerce is about people!

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Lars Olsgaard, CEO

Nemco today

Today, Nemco is a medium-sized business, having developed from being a small privately-owned enterprise at its establishment in 1966. Nemco is a Nordic leader within solutions for the food industry – comprising machinery, technical equipment and packaging.

Nemco markets quality products by leading manufacturers and provides the best, most efficient and reliable machines. Nemco makes a point of providing solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Nemco is the epitome of a positive mindset – a mindset engendered by the founder, Niels Yde, who had the ability of making each and every employee feel as being a member of one big family – with everyone pulling together.

Nemco has always put the customer in the centre. Nemco strives towards meeting the customer's requirements by minimised production costs and improved working conditions for the customer's staff

Close relations to customers and suppliers have always been one of Nemco's characteristics. Commerce is about people!

Working for Nemco

Only the very best is acceptable for Nemco's customers. Consequently, we employ the very best staff.

Working for Nemco is inspiring, for instance because we operate within the global food-processing industry. And, thus, our workdays are characterised by being incredibly dynamic, taking place at a high pace.

Nemco is the embodiment of values such as "only the very best" and delivery on promises. These concepts are applicable to both our products and our staff.

Being a privately-owned enterprise, we have a swift and straightforward decision-making process that is focused on performance.

A straightforward structure with everyone contributing produces an efficient and competitive environment. Therefore, we cultivate a culture of strong and competent colleagues with considerable social competences and high degrees of job satisfaction.

Every Nemco employee has an excellent insight into our day-to-day operations and our sound business practices as well as an unfaltering understanding of such rules as apply to the agreements we enter with our customers and partners.

We are always pleased to receive unsolicited applications, which will be treated as confidential. Application, CV and references are mailed to


The technical staff represents a major part of our collaboration with Nemco. We can always establish direct contact with a service engineer, and – over the phone – they will promptly determine whether it is a problem that can be solved by ourselves, or whether it will require the visit of a service engineer. In dealings with Nemco, they never shirk their responsibility – no matter how old the machinery

Jacob Vollstedt

Managing Director, Slagter Vollstedt, Haderslev


One of the most substantial reasons why Danish Crown in Holsted is trading with Nemco is the invariable fact that Nemco is a provider of quality products. They deliver top-notch products – with performance and reliability levels making them the Audi and Mercedes within food-processing. Nemco makes a living on the provision of reinforced production processes, and they do it well

Finn Klostermann

Managing Director, Danish Crown, Holsted